19/01/2017. Bristol to Malmo


Over-wing shot.  What’s not to like

Over-wing shot.  What’s not to like

Well hello dear reader - I’ve not been on here for some time.  Hope all is well with you...

You join me live in Copenhagen airport as I wait for Darren to arrive from Heathrow.  Let’s hope he’s running to time.  I can only afford one vanilla latte at the Starbucks I’m currently in (£6.05.  Really!?).  And the baristas are overly friendly.

I was actually lucky to get this far.  It started last night when I got home from a mini soirée.  I thought I’d just locate my passport to be certain.  Oh.  My.  Christ.  It took 20 minutes of turning the house upside down.  And all along it was where I thought it was - in my work bag.  However it had wedged itself between the Emergency Procedures and a copy of some terms and conditions (always working...) and I didn’t see it first time around. 

So - wide awake - I went to bed.  Unsurprisingly I was still awake at 1am with an alarm set for 0345.  And unsurprisingly I found it difficult to get up when it went off.  Oh dear. 

Then, once ready I left home at about 515, and despite the time, I was constantly either stuck behind people who drive more slowly than me, or endless red lights.  And to add insult to injury, I had to wait yonks for the bus at the airport car drop off to whisk me to the terminal. 

Thankfully check in was straightforward - tho obvs the luggage label printer broke mid-transaction. Honestly, I may as well put my own luggage on the bleedin’ plane and fly it myself - as most airlines appear to be absolving themselves of any actual work.  And standing around. No Theresa, I am not interested in overhearing what Sonia did last weekend at the hen do.....

Still - that’s all behind me now - and I have a lovely weekend to look forward to.  Plus - on arrival I bought a beanie hat to help insulate my giant ears (not sure about exchange rate but I am sure £764.32 is reasonable in Denmark) It’s rather nippy over here. 

When Darren arrives we’ll be heading over to Sweden on the train via The Bridge - off of the TV show.  Which I’ve never seen - the show that is, I have previously utilised bridge train combo. 

We’re booked in for a couple of nice dinners whilst here - so I am not sure how I will get on at next week’s office weigh in.  Nothing like the peer pressure of an office Fat Fighters weigh in (in the staff restaurant!) to make me reconsider that additional espresso martini. 

Anyhoo.  Let’s leave it there for now - and I shall endeavour to entertain you with either written bloggings or my (almost) trademark thrilling film trailers.

Look after the UK whilst I am not there and I’ll see you soon...