Trapped in the lift


Back in the office today - piles of post to sort through - but quelle surprise some Wispa bars from Cadbury (note to self - that will have to go in the work gift register). Hurray - tho i've managed to not touch them all day. V good of them, and v good of me.

I'm SO far behind with work after a couple of days out of the office. My Mailbox is SO far over it's size limit server farms in the Orkneys are under pressure and crashing. Then as I am sorting it out the mailbox becomes like a bad nightclub. One out, one message terms.

Also in receipt of the best handover note ever from my boss. Tho it is quite long......

241 unread mail messages. Hmm.

The plan for today was to keep my head down and speak to nobody in an effort to get up to speed - and generally power through. However I did spend 15 minutes watching a team mate run with the Olympic Flame in his home town of Liverpool - and then he's off to Everest Base camp tomorrow - he never stops fundraising

In other news - some of my Holborn colleagues got stuck in the lift. They'd better get that sorted for when I'm based there.