23 May 2012


In Londinium today. That can only mean one thing. Early start.

Seriously there's not enough touche eclat in the world for these bags.

Meetings galore. Planning sesh for Games Time Roles in my bit of the team. Tres exciting.

Need to come up with a new name for our internal ezine communication. That's the easiest of my million actions. Grr.

And get me. After the meeting went for a cheeky drink after the meeting. We left the office BEFORE 5PM. Literally unheard of.

Then after beverage I had to leg it back to Paddington for the train. Made it will milliseconds to spare. Ended up getting on the first class carriage then had to traipse the entire length of the train with rucksack knocking over old ladies to finally get to my reserved seat.

Saw a bit more Torch action on TV later that night. It got lost in Bristol. Oh dear. I was most perturbed that the poor person carrying the Flame was suddenly expected to go from their 300m moment to shine to a half marathon to get back on the route. Thankfully that wasn't necessary!