25 August 2012

Well my Paralympic Games journey which started back at the start of 2007 nears its end.

Today I am on my way back to Londinium. On the train. Treated self to weekend upgrade - so at least I am not sat with the hoi polloi.

I did however require sustenance. So after a short trip to the so-called buffet carriage (which on this train is little more than a counter) i'd acquired an egg sandwich, coffee and slice of 'country fruit cake' (which country, bugger only knows) and parted with a tenner. Horrified to find that my Wenlock pre-paid card doesn't work. GAH.

Last night had pre-departure meal with Lisa & Doug - one of their delicious chillies, and after getting home at a reasonable time, i was ostensibly supposed to be 'laying out my luggage' - that however turned in to catching up on some TiVo recorded fun (love Modern Family). So this morning saw me rustling through piles of clean laundry picking out garments to bring to London with me.

After the fracas of bringing BACK about a ton of excess items at the end of the Olympic Games this time I was determined to travel light - however, even after a general culling of extra foundation garments my bags are all still pretty full.

Cab to take me to the station arrived early.

Why does that always happen when I am running late? On the rare occasion that I book a cab and am on time, I end up pacing my living room waiting for it to turn up.

On getting in the cab I told the rather chatty driver I needed to visit an ATM en route. Of course suddenly there are no cashpoints between my house and the railway station. And quelle bleedin surprise the machine at the station wasnt working.

Happily he accepted £12.50 for my £15 fare (good news for me, but £15? they are having a laugh) and I scampered on to the train.

So. First job on arrival in London is a trip to the cashpoint. Then I have to get to my Games-time hotel - the Novotel Waterloo with aforementioned luggage galore - and then no time to hang around as I then need to hot foot it to collect my accreditation.

Ooh - bear with - just passing Reading on the train. Its the festival. Am trying to rubber neck at the crowds. Of which there are many!

I hope that the weather holds off for them. It is decidedly looking a bit black over Bill's mother's. Still when I get to London I do have a plethora of green waterproofs in my Games time uniform to keep myself dry.

So in finishing this short update my intention is to capture the hilarity that is Games Time for me as I end my journey to London 2012 from now until 12 September.

I may have even learned to upload photos on my iPad by then...