1 September 2012

Good Grief. September already.

After last nights 3am finish I had to be in reception for 8.20am.

Made it by the skin of my teeth.

A few people I think are suffering from 'lack of sleep' this morning...

Today a few of us were off to the Olympic Park (Cauldron pic above) AMAZING.

Called in to M&S on arrival at Stratford to pick up freshly made sausage sandwiches. Just what was needed. Then once on the park there was a rush for coke.

Saw several world records broken AND Rich Whitehead scored the Gold Medal. Ever so slightly tearful over both that Gold and the 1500m runner from Djibouti who was lapped twice - but the roar he got from the crowd as he purposefully strode on (after the other athletes had presumably nipped off for chips) was incredible - it must have been a massive boost. Also beyond jealous that mates met up with the aforementioned 200m T42 Gold Medallist and world record holder in the athletes' village later in the day.

Parted company with colleagues post-athletics as I then had to get to Canary Wharf to collect replacement ticket for one of my buffoons who has managed to leave it on the train. What a production. A million emails and several phone calls later and I was stood in the London 2012 office clutching the replacement ticket. And I'm going to make the owner of the lost ticket collect it from me at the office. I will sellotape it to their forehead.

So tomorrow mum, sister, her boyf and my older niece are going to the Games - thanks to my success in getting tickets in the ballot. It's set to be a freaking stress-ache of galactic proportions. I've had to give Anthea directions about 45 times over the last week.

Apparently its not very helpful to say "It's the big ***king place in east london that's been on the news every day for the last 6 years and is signposted from approximately Jupiter you stupid @rse"

Happily lovely Caroline and DT have agreed to cover my work for a few hours so I can pop over and see t'family. Based on my earlier phone call I wonder if one of them would go and meet mum and I'll stay in the office for the full day........KIDDING.