6 September 2012

Hello dear reader - you join me this evening tucking in to a chicken and bacon caesar wrap. It's 7.30pm and I'm just in from the park. Saw the above. Wheelchair rugby. It was brilliant. Whilst it was clear that I didn't entirely understand the rules and needed to seek clarification a couple of times from DT and Tom, the game itself is great to watch. Tumbles and scrapes galore. Most hilarious moment - when a player's sin binned either Michael Jackson's Bad or Alexandra Burke's Bad Boys is played out. Well it keeps me entertained. And Canada beat Belgium in an exciting game.

Hilariously there were two youths doing the 'between quarter' commentary - and I commented to DT that I was surprised Channel 4 hadn't snapped them up - because they were a bit rubbish "You're on love!'

Rest of day much the same as ever - was writing up 'what to watch' this weekend for colleagues and a piece for Monday from the big guv'nor, and it really brought home that there's only a couple of days to go. Sad smiley. Still - plenty of medal opportunities for ParalympicsGB. As I type my handy London 2012 Results app for iPhone tells me that we've got our target of 103 medals which is AMAZING. There's chance for more.....The Home Advantage certainly has come in to effect. The next few days are going to be so exciting.

In other news today - I went to the post office to post a certain persons birthday card and pick up a passport renewal application. Coupled to the latter was the need to enter the horrific box that is the passport photo booth.

Seriously. I look like I belong on Crimewatch. the photo is awful. Not being allowed to wear spectacles means that I have a strange peering expression towards the camera. But I only had one chance left - and didn't want to get stuck with the 'eyes wide shut' expression and need to shell out another fiver. And is it just me that worries about the little turny seat thing dropping about 6 inches as the photo is about to be taken so I half crouch? I look like Eddie the Eagle about to launch himself down the ski jump. They must love looking at the evidence back at photo-booth HQ.....

Right - no time for frivolous chit chat - I have a job application to fill in. Such fun! Should be hilarious. I must get my sensible writing head on and switch off any external distractions. Apart from listening to my ipod. Public Enemy - who'd have thought it? Well to be fair it is the incidental music on the Channel 4 Paralympic Games coverage as opposed to me suddenly becoming a gangster rapper. Well I can't carry off anything remotely bling related without looking like Liberace........(when he was alive.....)

Ooh - quickly dear reader, I should update on the incorrect train ticket purchase yesterday. Mum's been to the railway station today. All sorted. I just have to log on to the train website, type in my handy 76 character reference number, my debit card number, date of birth, favourite colour, mother's maiden name, place of birth and the capital of Tuvalu and hey presto I get about 5% of my outlay back. No wonder First Great Western as trying to buy the whole rail network. Its based on my hard earned money going in to their coffers!

More soon.

PS - It's Funafuti in case you were wondering....