26 April 2014 - Miami Airport

Well good morning to you dear reader.

Obviously I am a day behind in my updates. due to lack of the wifi's and inability to connect to the internet for more than a minute without racking up HUGE O2 fees.

So let me bring you up to date briefly.

After an uneventful flight - apart from getting cottage pie all down me - white shirt - lets say no more about it. And a film fest of Hunger Games Catching Fire; Dallas Buyers Club (brilliant) and Enders Game (no Peggy Mitchell, so obviously not Eastenders Game) - we touched down in a hot a humid Miami.

Then disaster (by my standards) struck. just under THREE hours in immigration and customs (how Team USA had the gall to complain after 30 mins at Heathrow I have no idea) went through to the outside world to find my phone wasn't working. OH DEAR. How was I to make contact with Darren - who had arrived on an earlier flight from DC and gone to collect the hire car?

After traipsing around trying to to get a signal - repeated switching off and on of my technology - I was still no further forward. So I thought "where would Darren go to try and get in touch with me with a lack of communications?" I decided it would be the rental car place - so hopped on the monorail out of the airport complex to go there.

Needless to say there was no sign of him. So caught the monorail back to the airport. With luggage, heat and Diana Ross hair. To say I was in a bad mood doesn't even come close.

Then I tried payphones (I had about $2 in coin) - obviously that didn't work after feeding the machine. And just for the record there are NO freaking information desks in Arrivals at MIA. So I decided to throw myself on the mercy of a little bureau de change cabinet - and ask the person if I could borrow their phone - however just as I approached I noticed they did prepaid phone cards - HURRAH. So $10 later I was using a payphone again (Having not used one for about 25 years), entering my handy 47 character pin code (0000 anyone?) and I was through to Darren. Thank goodness.

However then the challenge was on to work out where he was. Handily at MIA the payphones are situated with no indication as to where they are and hidden round the corner from any 'landmarks'. Having ascertained Darrens location I screamed DONT MOVE and headed of to find him.

By Starbucks - isnt quite as good a description as you might think. There is one on every level, and they are not in the same place on each level. So after I worked out I was on a different floor I set off to another one. No sign.

Another $5 on the handy phonecard and I had just about found him.

Needless to say when I did see him I was somewhat relieved! And before you could say 'I'm never setting foot in this hell hole of an airport ever again' it was off to the hire car. HURRAH.

So we're staying with one of Darrens friends nr Miami. Lovely house - reminds me of the place we stayed in Dallas. There are three doggies here too - April, May and June (cute). There's also cat (kitters). who likes me - which is quite unusual apparently - so I am indeed favoured.

And after pizza, and me having been on the go for about 24 hours it was shower and bed for me.