2 May 2014 - What would Dolly do?

Sorry dear reader for not having a 1 May update. It was all rather hectic in terms of itinerment,

Currently I'm in the departure lounge awaiting our flight to Denver. Mind you I nearly wasn't due to being funnelled down a queue that stopped moving randomly after Darren had passed thro. Then it was the full belt and shoes off situation. Mind yyou they do have those xray machines where you strike a pose as they take an xray of you. I went for Sabrina off of Charlie's Angels.

Anyhoo - Nashville. I realise this is most likely rather offensive here, but I am still not a fan of country music. My concession will be to watch Nashville on TV when I get home. Not so much for the music - more the 'lovelies' it appears to contain.

We were up early yesterday for our complementarry full breakfast (hurrah) and also to sort out laundry per my facebook post. But dear reader, you will be delighted to know that the laundry did in deed come back all lovely clean and folded.

So after delish breakfast it was off to purchase our ticket for the trolley ride around town, Unlike the Miami - the weather is much more appropriate for me here. To the point of actually being a bit chilly! So the trolley tour took us all around town, pointing out the key sites.

I will need to upload some photos in due course - however the one for today is above the bed in the hotel room. What would Dolly do? Which I think is hilarious and may become my new catchphrase. Well - that or when we saw people waving on the trolley tour the driver kept saying - 'Are they famous?' - which I found hilarire.

After Trolley tour we went to the Country Music Music Museum and Hall of Fame. The picture you will most want to see is the photo I took of the original handwritten lyrics for Jolene off of Dolly Parton! As above - whilst not being a fan of Country - the museum was interesting - and Neil would have exploded at the plethora of plaque information to read.

Then after museum - and finding some wifi's I called mum using my Virgin Media mobile app - for free. Amazeballs.

This then led to perfect timing to go to Starbucks for half price frappucino's via the Rymen Auditorium (off of the Gran Ol Opry) In fact Lana del Ray is appearing there tonight (no doubt singing in a depressed fashion).

Slight fracas over dinner saw us going to plan B due to not having booked at our preferred location. But it was nice nonetheless. We then had a walkabout Downtown Nashville. Points of note was man trying to prove how strong he was by lifting girlfriend only to drop her over some railings on to the pavement. And two strange men wearing Bang This t-shirts who appeared to be stalking us. Then after a couple of beers for Darren and cokes for me it was back to the hotel.

This morning we went to our preferred location for food - Pucketts. A delicious brunch was had. Then back to the hotel to pack and off to the airport - where you now join me live.

I am sure there will be more Nashville references - but I need to get Darren to tether himself to my iPad so I can upload before boarding.

See you soon dear reader.

PS - I now know what honky tonk means. Don't worry - its not rude.