7 May 2014 - Seattle

Wednesday we breakfasted at Citizen. Fabulous little place a couple of blocks from the hotel. If I am honest not the best breakfast we've had (from my perspective - a bit too much spice). Eggs as you want them (as long as you want them fried) and no french toast - the horror. I ended up with the Farmers Breakfast - which went perfectly with my farmers tan!

What made it for us was the fact that we were sat next to a pair of locals working. It was literally a meeting of Perfect Curve. The person playing the role of Siobhan Sharp at breakfast actually said "It's so important to get the person at the centre of the zeitgeist onboard".

So post brunch it was off to Pier 52 to catch the ferry to Bainbridge island. It's a 35 minute crossing and looking back on the skyline of Seattle is amazing. Bainbridge feels kinda like where the rich people of Seattle live. It's very peaceful. We had a quick crepe (Nutella for me) and latte and a walk (I know! More shoe leather!)

Then a couple of relaxing hours later we were on the ferry going back to Seattle.

I've not really mentioned the Seattle weather have I? Well we have been v lucky. I'd say mid 20's all the time we've been here. And not a spot of rain (until this morning, but we were already checked in at the airport so that doesn't count). That's not to say I've not been carrying my emergency sweater around with me just in case!

So afternoon via the obligatory half price frappucino (we were sat on a wobbly table so looking at darren slurping his put me in mind of the scout on Jim'll Fix It at the front of the roller-coaster......) we went to the Space Needle.

I splashed out an additional couple of dollars - so we could go both and day and night. And after the obligatory photo in front of the blue screen we were whisked up 640 ft to the observation deck. The views are simply amazing. We could see where we'd been on our segway tour, our hotel, etc etc. As previously mentioned, once I am back appropriately online I will post some snaps of by day and by night. And they have a very classy gift shop - so I was in postcard heaven.

Dinner was to be at the Cask & Trotter. I had gorgeous gorgonzola burger and couldn't manage my fries. Then as we had some time on out hands before ascending the Needle at night we popped back to Crow to sit at the bar for more of their delicious cocktails. Mind you I didn't want to get trolleyed before going so high up!! On our way DOWN in the lift after our dark Needle visit there was a child involved in a bloodbath type situation. I say bloodbath - she had appeared to have a small cut to her head. Mother says 'she's been hit', I think she means the child had hit something. Ruined my lift ride back down due to all hysteria (favourite one - from another lift passenger "at least she's not bleeding from her ears") - and dont think me cruel. I wouldnt have joked about this incident if I thought for a second the child was in danger.

Then it was back to the hotel via sculptures - they're very big on public art in Seattle.