09/07/2017. Bristol to Barcelona.

Currently in seat 1C on easyJet flight to Barcelona. Somewhere over France.

Literally spent most of the day faffing excessively. Was awake at the crack of dawn having hardly slept. What am I - like 5 years old?!

Cue lots of packing and folding. Packing and folding. Unpacking and rehanging. Re folding and repacking.

On the basis that I always take too many clothes - I've been very stern with myself. So it's out with the velour jacket and in with minimal capsule wardrobe. I think 185 short sleeved checked shirts is quite reasonable.

How can my toilet bag alone account for 50% of my luggage?  That should have had a good cull before packing.

So feeling smug with my 14kg - the zip closed easily.

SHOES!! Bastard.

In thrift news I've been keeping fridge quite sparse this week. However came undone today- as literally nothing for breakfast or lunch. So picked up a quick tiny lasagne from tiny Tesco round the corner.

Then it was time to summon Uber (crosses fingers behind back trying not to think too hard about gig economy employment rights and paying of taxes). And within 9 minutes Jakub and his white Prius were silently creeping towards Baguley towers.

Oh shit. I've got a talker.

Since discovering they score me as a passenger I have to be on best behaviour. Still. Despite my misgivings, we had a nice chat about holidays and were Jakub has lived and where he lives now. And before you could say 'you're fine to drop me here driver' we were at the airport.

You are shitting me. Queue for easyJet bag drop was mahoosive. 40 mins later bag was dropped. And I was sweating.

Apparently it seems 176 easyJet flights are due to take off within 14 seconds of each other. Grr.

Through security. Beep. Bugger. Stand to one side sir. Through SECOND scanner  Phew. Passed. Belt back on and though duty free.

Bristol airport fans will be pleased to know that it's gone all glamorous and up market. Well. To a point. Given the bag drop queue - I was surprised security was such a breeze. Mind you there was a big queue at Burger King (was asking for a friend).

Boarded without incident. Apart from the 600km walk to the gate. Thank goodness for speedy boarding.

Not much to report onboard. Usual cabin crew eye rolling to each other. Do they think we can't see them doing it?  Mind you I could see they'd just put their meals in the oven (I say oven - I've got a bigger pencil case) when someone ordered what looked like 6 croque monsieur (valued at approximately half my spending money allocation) so their meals had to come out.

Also momentary hilarity as woman tries to get in cockpit. Repeatedly. Thinking it's the bathroom.

We're starting our descent now. Should be arriving bang on time. Let's hope my luggage does the same...

lovely dinner on arrival.  
  • lovely dinner on arrival.