18/07/2017. Barcelona to Honfleur via Paris.

Hello from Honfleur.  Sorry I've been quiet on the blogging front.  But you'll be thrilled to know at the end of this blog is another thrilling video!  And there's yet more...  I've started work on a Feature Length video with soundtrack and everything!  The downside being it takes about half an hour for a  minute of film... 

So.  Honfleur.  The weather here is fantastic.  In fact it's currently 32 degrees.  So I am inside in an effort to keep cool. 

We managed to get to Paris from Barcelona Charlotte Church International airport in one piece. 

I decided I couldn't face the metro with luggage - so an Uber was summoned.  It arrived in 30 seconds.  That's European effienciency for you. 

The hotel I'd booked wasn't without incident.  I guess the key thing is that it's somewhere to sleep - but the fact that the safe didn't work, we didn't get the room I'd booked, cleaning was less than optimal and Mercure St Lazare is actually 20 mins from St Lazare - I am letting Darren compile my complaint letter - he is much better at those things than I am. 

Paris was fantastic - I love it there.  We went on Segways (obvs) and as it was Bastille Day when we arrived we went to the Tour Eiffel to watch the fireworks - with most of Paris.  That meant we had to walk 900 miles to get home - which did take the edge off slightly.  Esp as Darren needed a wee...  Have a look at the fireworks on the video.  it doesn't do them justice.

On Sunday we got the train to Trouville (first class thank you very much).  And slight faffing as there were no cabs to bring us to Honfleur.  So we caught the actual BUS!  How brave.  On the plus side instead of being about 30 euro it was 2 each.  

Happily Honfleur is very much as I left it.  There's a few restaurants that have gone - and a few that have popped up.  We were at one last night.  BurgerMan.  It was VG.  Then the soiree was finished off with a couple of cocktails at the Green Parrot.  My fave bar in Honfleur. 


Pina Colada for me.  Long Island Iced Tea for Darren.    

Pina Colada for me.  Long Island Iced Tea for Darren.