17 November 2012

Living like we're in an episode of Friends...

After a short Subway ride to 4th St we breakfasted at North Square (Greenwich Village, adjacent to Washington Sq; image one). I am like a walking carb machine.

Interestingly they were playing Christmas Carols (er, it's still November) in a country and western style - eg Once in Royal David's City - unusual.

Then we had a walk around SoHo - but like so many times over our New York leg we were usually one tantalising block away from the action. Still a nice sojourn nonetheless.

Darren wanted to see a show so we Subway'd to Time Sq and the ticket sellers (image 2). Sadly nothing doing for our preferred show. And no high kicking lovelies for Darren.

Then we went to the Glass Cube Apple store near Central Park (image 3). It was absolutely amazeballs, if somewhat busy. I want everything that they sell - including a mini card reader that you plug into your iPhone aimed at small businesses so they can take credit cards. Swipe and sign on the screen. Genius.

Then to make sure we were doing the tourist thing we had a stroll thro Central Park. There were even people playing American Football (think "Rachel, go long..." in Friends). Then it was on to Macy's for shopping. Darren got some bits and bobs, and I tried on loads, but ended up buying nowt. Darn. Inside Macy's there's 3 Starbucks's (is the plural Starbi?) so plenty of opportunity to have a snack to keep up the sugar levels whilst shopping.

Back to hotel for a quick change for dinner (oh dear I appear to have 'butt-dialled' Will several times at around 1130pm UK time - Sorry William!)

As we'd not finalised a destination for dinner I asked the Concierge at the hotel for some advice. On describing the Meat Packing district we'd settled on as having "a whole crap load" of restaurants I thought we'd be okay. Tho I am not sure that type of language is suitable for a 4 star hotel!

So a further subway later we were at 5 Napkins - apparently a 'burger institution" of some repute. Must call out to Lisa Rowley at this point that we walked past the hotel we stayed at years ago (Milford Plaza) and the Starbucks opposite the sex shop we had our morning breakfast at! (IE we had breakfast at Starbucks - not the sex shop. That wouldn't be good!)

After a couple of drinkies at the bar (they had pear cider - HURRAH) we were seated. I had the delicious Cheeseburger substituting fries for onion rings (a social media suggestion, and a good one at that).

Darren (coupon king) pointed out that excluding drinks our meal tonight was cheaper than my ravioli from the other night.

So dear reader if you find yourself in NY do be sure to visit 5 Napkins. Suggest you book if you don't want to wait about, or why not go wild and eat your meal at the bar? I didn't fancy the latter, as I was bound to fall off my stool and chin myself in the aioli dip (not a euphemism).