26 & 27 May 2012

It's saturday - so there'll not be too much by way of excitement (!) to report on today.

Went to the pictures to see Men In Black III. It was VG. Went to the 'posh' cinema screen where you can get tasty morsels sent to your seat. It's the way to do it. Tho does cost a trillion pounds for a seat and a couple of satay skewers.

Then it was in to the office. Nik's doing ticket allocation. I'm catching up on the plethora of emails.

We also needed to sort our cupboards. They're full of 'stuff' that needs tidying. I'm expecting the health and safety police to pass comment before long.

Sunday - not at all exciting. However best part of the day was watching Paul carry the Flame in Haverfordwest on TorchCam.

Work-related nightmare. My work laptop has decided not to work wirelessly. Not normally an issue on a Sunday evening - but of course today there was something I need to do. Sorry Caroline! Promise I'll be in early tomorrow to sort it. la la laa......