Monday 4 June 2012

Up at a reasonable hour today. Thank's ma'am for the lovely Bank Holiday break.

Met with Pamela (hereafter known as P) and Pete for brunch at local cafe - Cafe Grounded in St George. As usual I had the free range fried eggs with beans on toast - along with copious lattes and fresh OJ. Perfect start to the day. P is on a no caffeine embargo - and doing rather well. I shan't be joining her.....

Then for me it was off to town to the pictures. Hurrah. Prometheus. It was amazing AND I didn't develop a headache with my 3d spectacles! I wasn't in my usual luxurious screen and had to mix with the hoi polloi. Unfortunate. Thankfully there must have been a number of street parties taking place however - as there weren't that many in my screen.

Thankfully I was home in plenty of time for the Jubilee Concert - and whatever your own feeling on 'the establishment' I thought it was rather good. Obviously Kylie was amazing. As was Grace Jones - who happily, is as bonkers as ever - avec hula hoop. Spent most of the concert in social media frenzy as I was criticising voices and outfits with friends. Orf with his head!