21 May 2012




100 Days to go to the Paralympic Games, and my first proper effort at completing my blog.

The intention is to capture the hilarious scrapes I get in to from day to day.

Inbox 277 items.

It was all go at the office when I arrived at 7.30am.

FIRE ALARM. And I do like a nice but of drama - however that was not to be as the all clear sounded just as I was aiming for the doors. Rumour has it that someones toast had 'caught' in the canteen.

Really it was just NOT what my colleagues Caroline and Rachel were wanting - as today was a special day in the office - we got a special visit 'warming us up' for the Olympic Torch Relay which hits Bristol tomorrow.

An amazing sight met colleagues (post fire evacuation) in the form of some gymnastic performers trundling round the office - generally being very bendy . Thankfully they were accompanied by a London 2012 Champion who is responsible for Risk in our Department. Its not every day people do a 'crab' on your filing cabinet. Now out of my way I need some DL envelopes if you don't mind....

Spent the day bobbling thro email mountain (can you have an electronic mountain?) and generally planning a recognition lunch for 300 with Nik. I like doing things like that.

Other excitement saw me blowing up balloons celebrating the Olympic Torch Relay.

Not exciting is chasing up some missing tickets for the Paralympic World Cup. Seriously how hard can it be to order a number of tickets over different sports on different days..... Good job there's nothing big coming up like the London 2012 Games....errr nothing....