26 August 2012

It may be a Sunday but I was up at a reasonable time this morning.

Yesterday after I'd managed to get to the hotel from Paddington (in a cab whose driver can best be described as erratic) I went on a 'dry run' to find where the bus stop was. Its the No 59 and departs about a 5 minute walk from the hotel.

During said dry run a text arrived from Paul. Everyone was in the bar (quelle surprise) and it was decided that dinner was to be a Chinese - hurrah. Firecracker - a mere 10 mins from the hotel.

The food was delicious and plentiful. Then back to the hotel and a nightcap.

Today my reasonably early start was to collect my Games accreditation. That meant trundling to Waterloo for the tube - and I may, or may not have stopped at my preferred 'meat sandwich restaurant' and fellow Partner of London 2012 for breakfast. It's quite nice to have brekky overlooking the Houses of Parliament. Well I can think of worse places....

Amazingly there was no hint of a queue at the UDAC (Uniform Distribution & Accreditation Centre) And I was in and out in 10 mins. Then tubed to the office.

Just the Dream Team in today - we are such troopers. I managed to cut down my bulging in-box and get some tickets ready to be sent out. So all in all I am pleased.

Additionally the uniform controller was in too - so a couple of handy extra t-shirts - which will save on laundry

Just quickly updating blog right now as we're off to London Bridge for eats, and then to what sounds like a bierkeller. Oh dear. I think one stein will be enough for me... I'll end up getting all toppy and falling over.

In other news it's Fiona's birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY FIONA. She's been making a cake. Bit of a poor show if you have to make your own b'day cake methinks.

Also had a quick scan of holiday opportunities post-Games. I'm currently lining up France for a few jours and a Washington/New York two centre extravaganza. YAY.

Right we're meeting in the bar in 15 and I must go and make myself look (more) presentable...