7/8 September 2012

Weather today has been SCORCHIO.

Couple of busy days under my belt.

Yesterday was all about getting a job application tickled up and submitted. As well as polishing off some comms for after the Games. Thanks to my Games Guv'nor my usual gov'nor and her guv'nor.

I cant believe that the end is nigh...

Last night I joined most of the Communications Dream Team at Park Live to watch Richard Whitehead in the men's T42 100m final. Had a couple of cheeky ciders and sadly Rich didn't medal. Also popping along was Solie and Mr Solie and the Senior Management team avec beverages. Nice.

Left the Park by the most circuitous route imaginable. Hilarious moments of said lengthy journey included Carly atop a human pyramid. And said person encouraging the crowds after the borrowing of one of the Games Makers loud hailers. We are such cards.

Ended up in a cab back to hotel. Beverages being passed around the the back of cab.

Today saw a rare event. I was late for work - about the 10th time in 24 years, so not a totally horrific timekeeping record. Bleedin iPhone and it's Monday to Friday alarm setting. it's clearly Saturday dufus.

By early afternoon I'd got the chance to head to Olympic Park. The 5 a side final (above). Thanks to Niks Tix! (Angie's Angels aren't in today, sad smiley)

I got irrationally teary when it dawned on me that four years ago, 5 a side was the first Paralympic sport I'd ever seen in Beijing, and here I am four years later, watching essentially my last live sport of London 2012 after my five year journey....and it's the same sport.

I then realised I'd made a similar mistake to one I'd made in the Olympic Games at the hockey. To stay for the Victory Ceremony. Three teams, with definitely more than five people in each, getting their Medals and flowers.....meanwhile I was stood in the blazing 31 degree heat. It was like being on the surface of the sun. However I did notice something that I'd not spotted previously.

The dolly dealers in the purple suits who hold the medals and flowers on what looks like a big hors d'oeuvres platter (doubtless from John Lewis) are actually more regimented than I thought (pic above) when one of them goes back in to line they all shimmy round in a precise fashion.

Then for the second weekend on the trot I get word from Anthea-control (i.e. my niece by text) that the party have arrived at the Park for their athletics session. Clearly,having journeyed from Milton Keynes, their first stop after the bathroom was to head to the meat sandwich restaurant. Sadly I couldn't partake as I had to walk from the Riverbank Arena (off of football) and it was busy. And hot. So I sauntered down sedately - with the 20,000 others......

No sooner had I arrived and discovered that there was a production when they checked in to the hotel I booked for them in MK, than it was time to whisk them off to their seats in the stadium, Great view, near the cauldron. They appeared pleased. Thank goodness that the magical ballot system had come up trumps. Tho Anthea did appear startled the first time a massive roar went round the crowd.

Anyhow - with a full stadium and no seat for me, i scampered off for a little dinner (pic 2) leaving them to enjoy the final night of stadium activity.

The view of the park as I headed back for the tube was lovely. My crummy photo certainly doesn't do it justice.

Dinner tonight was room picnic c/o Sainsbury's at Waterloo where I passed something for N&L @onvacationagain Final pic.

Right. Beddington for me now. Big day tomorrow. Final Game-time communications to finish off and it's the Closing Ceremony of the Games. Sad smiley again.

I'm sure I'll be all maudlin etc from Tuesday onwards reflecting on the time I've spent working on the Games. But tomorrow I think it will be floods of tears. My particular peak is likely to come when the athletes thank the Games Makers. That always does it for me!

Finally before I sign off for today just caught a glimpse of myself in room mirror, Seems I have caught the sun a bit today. In the general forehead area. May have a to grow a fringe or similar overnight......hmmmm. A Bientot.