29 April - Phew worra scorcha

Well today we went to News Cafe - somewhere we found some 14 years ago when last in Miami. Ocean Drive. The perfect place to watch the world go by (in the shade). Food is great. And good value. I had the giant omelette with sausage.

Breakfast came after a 30 min drive after wrangling the pets in after they'd powdered their noses. It was less than funny. I am sure that April is being deliberately awkward. So was literally sweating before we even left Kelly's

SoBe and Ocean Drive are very different today to how it was at the weekend. Far fewer frozen cocktails, and inappropriately dressed people. A pleasing change.

Ooh - forgot to mention yesterday - my quasi brush with celebrity. After my amazeballs service at the T-Mobile (pronounced tea mow bull) I decided to do the right thing and pay it forward by sending them a nice tweet. Which I did. And before you could say 'I almost have as many followers as Justin Beiber', Team hastag magenta had replied to me saying 'yay' - and thanking me for my comment. I should do that more often.....

So after delicious brunch we had a walk on the beach - it seems that all the muscle bound beach persons were at work today - as it was very slim pickings. I nearly asked Darren to take a photo of me by the beach volleyballs nets....and thought better of it.

Then we hopped back in the car and drove North along the coast to Hollywood (not that Hollywood) beach. And after working out the meter operations, parked up and went for a lovely stroll.

So tonight we are all out for dinner (its our last night in Miami) and someone Darren used to work with (and wife) are coming too. The restaurant name is Dolores You Can Call Me Lolita - and if the name is anything to go by it should be 'such fun'. Am already planning a piƱa colada - which is turning in to my holiday beverage of choice.

Well - I shall just upload some snaps and that will be me for today. More tomorrow. We need to be up reasonably early and off to Tampa airport. Sat Nav to standby...

(of for info - todays pics are; Peach Melba - our server at News Cafe, Ocean Drive, palm tree and a couple of Hollywood beach and an exhausted June, May and April after wrangling them indoors. Enjoy.)