30 April 2014 - MIA - Nashville via Tampa

Currently at Tampa Airport. I have decided that this is literally the best airport in the world. Decent aircon, nice facilities, free wifi's (at brilliant speed) and next to each chair there are plug points - so you can charge yourself up. I think I will be here again. And Darren reports that it's rated number three in the world. Excellent. I am not sure where Bristol International would feature?

So since I left you yesterday dear reader, we went out for dinner - Dolores you can call me Lolita for dinner. Joined by our host Kelly and Esme - one of her co-workers.

Absolutely gorgeous restaurant (despite somewhat unusual name) in Brickell - the business area of Miami. We were on the rooftop terrace. Stunning. The slight downside was that it was rather humid, so I was boiling hot. But hey ho. And again despite the thoroughily appalling service, my salmon and guacamole appetiser (that's american for starter) and kobe beef lasagne entree (American for main course) were totes delish (that's Estuary english for rather good).

So this morning we bid a fond farewell to our home for the last few days, and hit the road (via eggs Benedict at the Original Pancake House) to make the 4 hour drive to Tampa. Couple of highlights included chronically bad order taking at the aforementioned Pancake emporium, Darren filling the car with gas (that's american for petrol) - but parking too far from the pump so the hose wouldn't stretch and having to get in the car and drive it forward 2 feet (that's american for 70cms). Then rather upsettingly we got caught in some horrific rain whilst on the I95. Less than fun.

So due to not meeting Darren's friend for lunch we're at the airport rather early - but on the up side - plenty of time for suck up the wifi's and I've actually had my first holiday burger - and rather good it was too.

We're just plotting dinner in Nashville - when we get there it will be straight to hotel (via some kind of shuttle affair), drop luggage and then out for dinner. We're currently looking at Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant. It has v good write ups on the social medias.

Then as we have but one full day in Nashville - we'll be planning the final itinerment over dinner. Then it will be straight to bed so we can be up early and off.

In domestic news, we have already planned the Denver hotel will have the pleasure of doing our laundry so far. I have enough foundation garments for a good few days more - but things are getting more critical in the short sleeved plaid (that's American for checked) shirts department.

And finally for today - do you like the t-shirt we spotted yesterday. It's totes hilaire (I didn't purchase, despite being more than tempted).

Breaking news - I see that the UK airport immigration system is down - and people are waiting up to 90 minutes to get through. Without wanting to sound too much of an old fogey - can I suggest they come to frikcin Miami International. 90 minutes is HALF the time it took me to get through US immigration. And when I was at Heathrow last Saturday I can categorically report that it was neither 31 degrees and without airconditioning. Inconvenient for travellers? Yes. But bad on an international scale? Absolutely not. You want to try and be Johnny Foreigner trying to get in to the US.