5 May 2014 III - Seattle

Again dear reader - an unacceptable delay in bloggings. But once more I have been up to my ears in excursions and segways. And technically today is Thursday - so I'm taking the opportunity of blogging from 30,000ft sat in 28C on Alaska Air Flight 2 to Ronald Reagan International in DC. That means I cannot include any of my snaps. But I will add them at some point later.

So when I last left you we were awaiting to board our flight to Seattle - well given that was four days ago and I am typing this, it's a reasonable assumption that the journey was fine.

As appears to be in keeping with Southwest their cabin crew like to think of themselves as being somewhat hilarious. One of ours (a gentleman) thought it hilarious during the safety demonstration to put the safety belt around his (shaved) head, and when explaining people should fix their own oxygen masks before those of their kids, they should pick the one that had most potential. And finally when taking the drinks orders (which he got bang on, to his credit) he would repeat the incorrect beverage back to the passenger eg my 'coke no ice' was diet pepsi, extra ice half melted. Such a card. Oh and when collecting rubbish, people were passing it across the row, and he kept shouting 'good teamwork'.

Anyhoo - we touched down in Seattle (did I mention I have become a member of Air Southwest rewards scheme - I am LOVING them). And without too much of a fuss and to do (but a half mile walk) we got to the Rapid Transit to take us to the city centre. A few dollars and a few minutes - we were gliding in to Seattle in tram-style. So we got off at Westlake Centre (thinking it would be a decent hub) and walked outside. Oh dear. Not the nicest part of town. I was getting a bit huffy. But eventually we got a cab without too much of a production and were whisked to the Four Points by Sheraton - Downtown. I am surprised given the weather here (IE it can be cold, and very wet) there are SO many homeless people.

By this time, it was getting a bit late (Americans seem to eat FAR to early for my liking), so after a quick visit to our trusty Trip Advisor it was a brisk walk to Crow. Brisk because it was about 8.15pm and they shut at 9.00 - And I cannot personally abide getting to places just before they shut. Anyhoo - we were seated straightaway, and was delighted to see that there were no rolled eyes or excessive tutting. Menu was lush. Not only did I have a cocktail (Queen Anne Street Car) - me drinking almost unheard of. My main course was a delicious mushroom lasagne.

Our hotel was literally about 4 blocks from the Space Needle, and could see it from our room. Brilliant location.

Right - that's enough for the start of Seattle. 6th May is coming.