5 May 2014 - Denver II

Welcome. Welcome.

You now join me live at the airport as we ready ourselves for the next leg; flying to Seattle.

But before we depart - let me bring you up to date on Denver news.

So we had a failed visit yesterday morning to the hotly tipped Snooze. The queue was massive. So back to Syrup for us. And after the mandatory Eggs Benedict, it was in the car to head to the mountains. Hurrah.

It's only about a 90 minute drive to Breckenridge. A lovely little town - that seems to be a ski resort. And whilst there wasn't snow underfoot (thank goodness as I am not sure how I would have coped in an automatic car!) you could see lifts and gondolas in operation! However it's clear that they are past the end of the season - as some of the shops etc are closed, or have different opening hours due to it being Mud Season! (including a facebook recommendation made by Vikki). The good news however is that the car park was free.

It's so picturesque - my iPhone photos really don't do it justice. Also it was boiling in the sunshine. We'd gone parcelled up with sweaters and windcheaters - but in the end were fine with short sleeves!

Ooh - one thing I haven't mentioned previously about Denver slash Colorado - cannabis is legal. And there are numerous purveyors of the aforementioned. It's very odd to be walking down the street and suddenly get the unmistakable whiff...

After the mountains we took a leisurely drive back via Buffalo Bill's grave. Excellent photo opportunities. But didn't find any gold.

We also had an additional unexpected shoppings opportunity - so I took it. AND found clothes that fit my generous proportions in Banana Republic (which is literally unheard of!). You can never have too many plaid shirts (that's american for checked).

So after dropping car off valet-style at the hotel, me examining my pinkness (from the sun, not a euphemism) - it was off for a delicious dinner at Euclid Bar and Kitchen, a few short blocks away. The food was amazeballs. Zak the segway man had recommended the duck starter - so we had it to share - and it was LUSH. I then had bratburger for main (off of bratwurst sausages). Rather than have the delicious looking smores-based dessert I had a vodka and tonic (I know - me drinking - the horror) and Darren had been having real ales (with me turning my nose up a lot) - and finishing off with a G&T. We are so very classy.

This morning after jamming my ever increasing luggage in to my case I'd insisted we left early to make sure we get in to Snooze for breakfast slash bruch. It was eggs-benedict-tastic. A really nice cool eatery and number five on Trip Advisor. I've decided I should never go above 50.....IE - always selecting the highest ranking locations. (thanks for pointing out my erratum Darren).

And now I am live blogging from Denver International airport. I've had an amazing time here and would love to come back at some point. And whilst I had a bit of a headache yesterday (I think it was driving induced stress) I have had no symptoms of altitude sickness!

We'll be boarding soon, so just enough time to pop to the little boys room and phone Seattle Segways and get them booked!

I'll see you in Seattle soon, for tales of Space Needle, Starbucks and Segways.