19 Aout 2014 - Mardi

Hello dear reader!

I have been meaning to get around to doing some bloggings. But I've been busy relaxing!

So let me bring you up to date.

Not counting the awful night's sleep I had at the Portsmouth Travelodge; Sunday morning saw me up and awake at 530am taking my seasickness tablets ahead of the ferry crossing (Portsmouth to Caen). It was very windy - and I was convinced that I was going to be spending the next six hours with my head down the toilet. Thankfully all was fine.

I boarded after the car was searched (thanks for dusting the dashboard) - at least they didn't ask me to open the bonnet (or hood for my american readers) - what with the car being new I didn't want to have to get the user manual out to find out how to do it - that would have looked most suspect. The customs people did open all the doors - presumably to check I wasn't surreptitiously sneaking 'clandestines' out of the UK. To be fair - with the luggage I take anywhere, even for a few days, there was precious little room.

I decided once on board to chance my arm and have a light breakfast - Special K and pain au chocolate - kind of an oxymoron if ever there was one. Then I retired to my stateroom (aka tiny cabin). Having taken seasickness pills which may slash DO cause drowsiness I was asleep before you could say 'land ho' or indeed any other nautical expression. Waking briefly to stumble to duty free, before more sleepings.

The boat was rather rocky at this point - so there was no hanging around. I wanted to be flat and in darkness.

We then arrived bang on time 6 hours later in a rather overcast Caen Ouestreham.

Thankfully no punctures - and it was through immigration - which took bleedin ages.

The original plan was for me to drive to Honfleur, sort the flat out, get some provisions and have a rest before going to collect Darren from Trouville - Deauville train station. However the motorway to Honfleur was chocker - and I was bearly getting above 20 mph - not even a sniff of getting any use out of cruise control - so I decided to divert straight to Trouville and hang around there.

It soon became clear that a 4 hour wait for Darren would have bored me senseless so decided to come to Honfleur on the back routes. Checking regularly for anything resembling an open supermarket. Nowt doing.

Arrived in Honfleur in one piece and managed to find a car park spot round the corner from the apartment - so I didn't have far to bring my excess baggage. Once the luggage drop was complete I went in search of provisions.

Now if you've never been to Honfleur before - it's kinda like whitby in the 1960's. IE on a Sunday afternoon EVERYTHING is closed. I did however manage to find a boulangerie open - and scampered out having purchased a baguette and pastries with a 50 Euro note.

And then it was time to drive BACK to Trouville - Deauville station to collect Darren.

Obviously this being mainland Europe the train was running perfectly to time. 8.27pm on the nose.

Now - I am not a fan of arriving at dining establishments late - eg open until 10pm arrive at 9.50pm and expect immaculate service......so after parking (in the main carpark) it was straight to Pizza Gino for dinner.

So Lundi (ie yesterday) saw us generically floating round town, looking at shops etc. Broken up with a delicious moules a la creme and cidre for me and a galette for Darren. Avec cidre.

Dinner was at the Bistro du Port. Followed by Baileys nightcap at the Perroquet Vert (the buggers have turned off their free wifi - damn). Where it did look a bit like the local youth club....

Breakfast today saw me scampering to the shops for fresh baguette and pain au chocolate and then whipping up some scrambled eggs (Darren was washing up so wasn't too worried about it sticking). And now just doing a bit of blogging before we head down to the harbour - for a boat cruise under the pont de normandie - one of my favourite bridges after the new Severn Crossing! Am assuming that as we're on a river (it's where the Seine, off of Paris, meets the sea) it shouldn't be too choppy! No need for seasickness tablets this time!

Tomorrow - subject to weather - we're heading down the coast to Bayeux off of tapestries. And then coming back via the D-Day landing beaches. Hoepfully the weather will stay okay for us!

As for dinner tonight - not sure what form that will take. I dont think it will be the michelin starred restaurant (unless Darren is paying). But I am sure there will be some sort of fishy-ness involved.

Right - I'd better look out my cagool for this boat trip.

More soon dear reader. And once I can persuade my pics to synch with my iPad I will add some snaps!