20 Aout 2014 - Mercredi

Well bonjour dear reader.

Currently sat on terrace chez Fiona to bring you up to speed with our doings of the last couple of days.

So I left you yesterday before we set sail on the high seas - well the mouth of the Seine. And as you can see I took some photos - not of food this time - but under the lovely pont du Normandie. Apparently it cost Euro 330m. Putting HS2 somewhat in the shade.

Happily there was no need for travel sickness remedies! It was more about jostling for position to take the best photo. Clearly I missed out; being polite and British.

When we came ashore (I'm practically Chay Blyth) - what, we thought could be more perfect than a coffee and cake? Found a GORGEOUS place near the apartment - l'atelier - sat down, started to peruse the menu; and a lovely waitress appeared and spoke very quickly in French. Not. A. Word. I said (in French) speaking French is fine - but we're english, so you will need to speak more slowly. She did. And I understood very quickly that they were in fact closed. Merde.

So it was over to vieux bassin for a quick crepe which we scuttled back to the apartment with. And had accompanying (instant) coffee.

Later on it was time to go out for dinner proper. So we took to Trip Advisor. And one of the best, nearby places is a tiny restaurant next to the local Tabac. I decided that I wasnt sure....there were like three tables. And it looks like an offlicense from the outside....

So once more - back to Vieux Bassin and one of the many restaurants there. It was nice (moules again for me) - but I should have had a la creme, rather than mariniere....

Today we got up at a reasonable time - to head out for breakfast (I can only cook scrambled eggs internationally). Took a seat at Bar Marin (Fiona - that's off of you ordering the same breakfast as me previously and nothing turning up.....). All ready to order and the waitress advises no croissants!! Rubbish. Had to have croque monsieur instead. Still, despite having more than I'd planned - it was delicious (Lindsay - it was all about the bechamel). Before our food had even arrived we were asked to move tables - the weather was closing in and they wanted to put up their shutters.

So with lunch under out belts it was off to the car park to retrieve wheels so we could go out for our drive. Direct to Bayeux and back via the D-Day landing beaches. There was a giant queue at the pay station (with one out of order) but it looked like we could simply pay at the barrier - ticket first, then card.....oh no. That would be too easy..... So as cars queued up behind us we used and had declined literally every card that both Darren and I posess! Cue reversing back against the flow of traffic (obviously there was no operative in the ticket booth) to queue and use the actual ticket machine.

SUCCESS. We think it was because the bill was high that we couldnt use the self serve machine without using a PIN. Hey Ho - we'll know for next time.

And with a squeal of gravel (well a lurch as I was going too fast in first gear) we were off to Bayeux.

Lovely drive. And for effect when we got there - I thought it would be a good idea to drive round several car parks before we finally did find somewhere appropriate.

Thankfully I'd managed to park not far from the tapestry of Bayeux fame. And 9 euro's later we were picking up our audio guides. It was actually v interesting. Having not done o-level history (I was all about the sciences rather than the humanities) I found it quite exciting! It's massive and took 30 mins to walk the length listening to the tales of behedding and other skullduggery. Obvs finishing with arrow in eye, Poor Harold.

Then. Like yesterday - we felt a need for a coffee and a crepe. Found a lovely place near a waterwheel (if I ever get my devices to talk - you may even see that photo at some point). Walked in. About to take a seat. And you guessed it. Waiter pops over - sorry we're closed. HOW RUDE.

So literally fading away it was back to the wheels to drive to Arromanches. Parking nightmare - so ended up where I've been before (Fiona - that time with you, Neil and Lindsay) and had a wander about.

Then it was back to Caen - as there's some Paralympian Equestrian stuff happening imminently - and thought it would be good to go to the Opening Ceremony. And need you ask? It starts the day we leave. Gah.

So again - back to Honfleur and quelle surprise - there's a late market on. So we had a mooch about, and picked up some breakfast bits and bobs. Incidentally the weather started the day out literally chucking it down (I'm worried about my velour overly dressy jacket) and its ending now totes lovely!

We've just been Trip Advising some restaurants - and are about to embark on a mission to places I've never been before! The horror. Top of the list tonight is la Tortue. And not as Darren keeps saying, Torture. Right. Off we pop.

Oh bugger - it does mean Torture. Wish us luck.