23 Aout 2014 - Samedi

Well hello to you dear reader.

It's coming to the end of the little sojourn to Fiona's apartment in France.

It's very quiet in the apartment at the moment, as Darren has been safely dispatched to Trouville-Deauville station and by now (about 2030hrs) he should be flying back to Copenhagen.

So where did I leave you yesterday? Oh yes. Getting ready to head out for dinner.

We ended up at favourite of mine. Bistro du Port. I had the soupe du poissons, mackerel tart and sorbet dessert. Then it was over to the Perroquet Vert for a nightcap. Baileys. Hurrah. However quelle dommage, as when waiter brought beverages over mine took a bit of a tumble. All over the table and floor. Thank goodness that the velour jacket was safe! (And I wasn't wearing the Saturday Night Fever white jeans so they were fine!).

Today - the getting ready to leave apartment shutdown started early. With much cleaning, dusting, swiffing and hoovering. Fiona - just to let you know - Darren is more rubbish than me!

And by 8.45 we were heading out for petit dejeuner. It's market day today - and again Fiona you won't believe this - we were wandering through the leather bag, cheese and knife vendors before most of them had set up, making our way to Bar le Marin for food. You will have seen from Facebook that I have fallen slightly off the bread wagon this week - and breakfast this morning was no exception!

Darren cleverly managed to break the table. And you know the more you try to do something surreptitiously the more you go red and draw attention to yourself....well that.....

Then back to apartment via the food side of the market, and the flower bit of the market - well I did have that bread to walk off.

Once back it was the final bit of Darren's packing - and it was away to Deauville - ostensibly for a coffee before the train - but in my usual fashion I'd not really thought through that it's Saturday, in mid summer, at lunchtime and Deauville was mobbed. More gold sandals and Ferraris than you can shake a stick at. So rather than a relaxing drink in the centre, we wandered back to the car to aim for the station. As luck would have it - probably not such a bad idea, as we hardly had time to grab a coffee at the bistro opposite the station before it was all aboard for Darren and the SNCF.

After waving him off it was back to Honfleur for me. No space at the apartment - so have ended up parking the car at the main car park again.

Managed to collect a pain au chocolate for my breakfast tomorrow before coming back to the apartment.

As I am missing Dr Who this evening - I thought it appropriate I watch an episode that I had downloaded before coming as I tucked in to my home made dinner.

Tomorrow morning is set to be hilarious. Ferry at 8.15am. Check in 7,00am. Leave apartment at 6.00am, Up at 5.00am. That should give me enough tidying up and travel sickness tablet taking time. Though I am not sure the neighbours will be happy with me rustling around the bin room so early. Well hard cheese - I have to put up with their laissez faire attitude to parking.

My plan once on board- is a re-run of my trip here - As soon as am onboard it will be a light breakfast, followed by sleeping. And am due to arrive at Portsmouth mid afternoon. Home in time for tea!!

I hope you've enjoyed these little updates of food and photos (would that I could get the bleedin phone and ipad talking). So unless there's some sort of hilarious happening tomorrow morning as I set sail I shall leave you be.

A bientot. x