22 Aout 2014 - Vendredi

Have been SO busy relaxing - have hardly had time to catch up on bloggings. In fact I need to keep asking Darren what we have done - I am in that holiday twilight zone of not quite knowing what day it is. On the plus side that means I must be relaxed.

So. What have we been up to. Well Tortue was gorgeous. And not at all tortuous, More touche turtle. We both had the pork, and I accidentally had the chocolate mousse for dessert. Hey ho.

Thursday - aka yesterday after I'd been to the shops for bread and pain au chocolat, I whipped up some scrambled oeufs for petit dejeuner and it was off to Deauville/Trouville. Needless to say within minutes of parking the car near the beach it turned very black o'er Bill's mother's. One minute we were watching the locals play beach volleyball, the next we were scampering under awnings as I'd decided we didn't need brollies. Hilariously as we walked from car to beach there was a couple having their wedding photos taken in a children's play area. Lots of sitting at top of slide in wedding dress action. I was tempted to hang around - surely there was going to be £250 in You've Been Framed money in it for me as bride takes tumble, rips dress etc.... No such luck. We decided to move right along when they were doing 'king of the world'-type poses on the bow of a faux ship. Poor Kate.

Meanwhile back in Deauville, obviously the market had finished and was packing up - and clearly with the rain there was no hiding in coffee shops as the entire gold-shoe-ed-tiny-dog-in-handbag local community had the same idea and were puffing away on their Gauloises taking up all the tables......

So it was a stroll back to the car as we decided to cut the visit slightly short and aim for Trouville. Surely it couldn't be as busy there?

Of course it was.

We spent about 45 mins trying to find somewhere to park.

However by this time the weather had faired up - and we had a nice stroll along the front and to the beach. And having been coming to Honfleur for donkey's years - somewhere I'd never been.

Obviously with all this excitement it was soon time to stop for a coffee (me) and croque monsieur (Darren). Then walking back to the car there was suddenly a plethora of gendarmes - a what I call riot van - with policemen on bicycle outriders! Well that's the French for you.....

And it was back to Honfleur.

Hurrah - a space for my wheels outside the apartment. Cue 97 point turn trying to get in to it complete avec parking sensors going bananas (and having now seen that some pillock has parked about 4mm away from the drivers' door - we will need a can opener when I need to drive away).

Dinner was at Le Bouchon. A baguette's throw from the apartment. (Thanks Trip Advisor). Moules for me (again) and Saucisson for Mr S. After paying and walking off we realised we'd not left a tip. mortified. I can never set foot in there again. And it's gonna be so awkward walking by there most days on my way to the pain au chocolat shop. Darn it.

Then it was post dinner beverages at the Perroquet Vert. I was all about the cidre (served in what can only be described as a large coffee cup) and Darren was all about the local bier blonde. I had a sip and didnt like it.

Today we struck out for breakfast to pastures new. Traveler's Coffee. Rated number 3 on Trip Advisor restaurants in Honfleur. Fiona - for reference you keep walking up past what was the Hostelerie le Chat (now some sort of spa) and it's on the edge of town. Absolutely lush brunch. Totally recommend it.

With brunch under our belts it was a slow walk back to town. And some souvenir hunting. So my team will be elated to know that I have got some shortbread in a tin. Calmez-vous.

Now we've scampered back to the apartment. It's pleut-ing a verse at the moment. And we need to think about dinner. Not that the holiday revolves around food or anything.....I'll let you know how we get on....

A bientot.

PS - bon anniversaire to my sister.