22 May 2012


HURRAH - the Olympic Torch Relay is in Bristol Town today.

Oh my Christ. The whole world is in the office today.

I'm rushed from pillar to post printing things for a wealth of important team members for important meetings. Why has the colour printer moved to seemingly the other side of the universe? And dont get me started on putting headed paper in it the wrong way around. Well at least that's my 10,000 steps. And all by midday!

More celebration lunch planning. Its next week. It seems like our delegates are not proving too demanding which is nice. Tho obviously there's a couple that are - what I call - 'frequent correspondents' and I shall leave it there.....

Now where the heck have I left those branded t-shirts.......

After work MUCH excitement ensues in readiness for the Celebration Site for the Olympic Flame. Which by happy coincidence is outside the back door of the office. Handy.

A few weeks ago I entered the council ballot for free tickets. And I was successful - hurrah. Tickets dutifully handed over to friends (aka the Family Nash).

I hung about in Millennium Square so I could watch the Relay pass by the end of my street (more or less) on the Big Screen. Having seen it pass through lovely Bradford on Avon with 4 police runners, it didn't come as much of surprise to see about 10 surrounding the Flame as it was near to Chez Baggers.

It was almost indescribable watching the Flame on the Big Screen as it came through my 'manor'. The pavements were like 10 deep in cheering crowds. AMAZING.

Then after a cheeky burger from a van (for my throat) it was behind the office to witness the Cauldron being lit. More amazement along with 2000 of my closest Bristolian friends.

Then Lisa arrived. Having missed everything. Oh dear. On the plus side they saw all the action near home. But she'd got her camera on the wrong setting and not really got any good photos. Oh dear.

Then it all went the way of the pear as I was stuck in the car park for 45 minutes trying to get out. Hey ho - you'd struggle to spoil today for me tho...