2/3 September 2012

Well hurrah. Managed to meet mum, sister, her boyf and my niece at Olympic Park yesterday.

By a miracle they'd all got there in one piece. Sadly I had missed out on them having a snack at McD's (largest in the world) but nonetheless they seemed quite excited about the whole Paralympic experience.

Mum, it seems was determined not to use the mobility transport, so we ambled across the park via the copperbox and Park Live to the basketball arena. Their tickets allowed them access to that, and timing was such that they managed to get in. Canada v Germany.

Not sure however how they got on there, or indeed on the return journey home as I'm yet to catch up with them.

To save time when I left them I crept back through the Athletes' Village (picture of Mandeville), via the post office - in an attempt to get my passport renewed for France & US vacation. Sadly nowt doing. The post office in the village doesn't have passport applications. Perhaps they were all out after the Cameroonian Olympians......hey ho. Oh, and there was nobody in the branch.

So disappointed at lack of passport application forms - and golden Mandeville's at the shop - it was back to the office for some ezine fun.

Last night the Dream Team (me, DT, Caroline and Alice) met up in Wandsworth - having legged it to the train at Waterloo (me sweating like a fat bloke at a disco) - we tumbled out to The Ship for delicious steak dinner (for me) and several of my new favourite beverage of choice; fruit cider. Lime and strawberry...

Safely got back to the hotel via train and cab.

Today - allegedly my day off - I went in to the office (arriving at 9) for more communications excitement. Not sure I really need to take a day off after the weekend - as I've managed to slip in the odd hour or two off - anyhoo it was log on and write some articles and look for some pictures comme toujours.

And I made the plank who lost their ticket the other day come to me to get it off me directly in Holborn. Not chancing the post again.

I did leave the office about 2.30 and headed off to buy mum's train tickets for the weekend. They are in the stadium at the athletics. Must remember to post them tomorrow or all hell will break loose.

Happily some of the team are at the Park this evening - but typically I wasn't around. Grr. So for me its an early night (I am rather tired) and club sandwich extravaganza!

Right - must phone mum to check she got back in one piece yesterday...