4/5 September 2012

For some inexplicable reason I appear to be in a foul mood today.

However whilst waiting for the Number 59 bus to whisk me back to the hotel I saw the above images on my Facebook timeline and they literally made me LOL. They are GENIUS.

Anyhoo - enough of my wingeing.

Yesterday was office comme toujours - with a suggestion that I could walk along Embankment to the bus stop for the aforementioned number 59. Which sounds like a marvellous idea - that way I am greeted by the Houses of Parliament rather than Lambeth Road. May try that tomorrow as a treat. And there may or may not be a branch of my preferred meat sandwich restaurant en route.....sausage and egg mcmuffin anyone?

Had a quick mosey down Aldwich to drop off some bits and bobs at a different hotel - it was BOILING. I'm so glad we're having some nice weather for the Paralympic Games - seems to give everyone's mood a boost. Tho dressed head to toe in my polyester uniform it's a trifle perspiration-inducing....

Minor fracas re getting hold of some film footage - so thinking on my feet - I realised that I actually had an external contact that could help! Cue several texts and a couple of calls. Thanks to Amy and Giles for doing their best to help me with my predicament. Sadly it was to no avail - but at least Caroline got to talk to some new people!!

Then hurrah hurrah - a no-show from a colleague at the 11th hour, meant I got to go to see the Athletics in the evening. I legged it from the office and in my haste in the security lanes, like a buffoon I forgot to place my mobile phone in the airport style baggage check trays and strolled through the metal detector. Unsurprisingly it went off - which meant my phone had to go thro X-ray and I had to have a pat down. Not entirely unacceptable I must say. Thank you to Mike from Her Majesty's armed forces for making sure I wasn't carrying any concealed items.

Then of course I walked off without my phone, turned around to see Mike proffering it to me.

Leaving the humiliation of the pat down as I struggled to put my belt back on (see - I'd bleedin well remembered to take that of in readiness!) I scampered round to my seat.

Amazing. I was virtually giving out the Medals.

So many amazing competitions. The atmosphere in the Stadium was electric and the sound from the crowd was phenomenal. Couple of real stand outs - one - I must check on you tube - but one of the guides appeared to push over one of the VI athletes. oopsy. And two - another guide collapsed before the finishing line, leaving their athlete without guide - when he did get up the crowd roared when they both crossed the finishing line. Amazing.

Saw David Wier secure Gold in the 1500m which was brilliant.

Now - how to get to Lambeth from the Olympic Park? Decided to get jubilee line (with most of the Stadium) to Waterloo - then caught the bus after picking up some night time treats at the supermarket (an interesting clientele at 1130pm I must say) Am positively a Londoner with my multiple modes of transport!

This morning I was at the IPC Marketing Summit - just near Westminster.

As this was a work-related thing I thought it best to switch to my long uniform trousers (having worn shorts for the entire duration of the Olympic and Paralympic Games). I really should have tried them on beforehand tho - as my comment on Facebook likened them to Capri pants as they are a bit on the short side - and when you have giant canal barge feet like mine, in bright green trainers - that inch really makes all the difference in drawing attention to the shortness - but as long as I wear them as hipsters like the youths the length is fine.

A few interesting panel debates I must say on the one hand with some amazing one liners for my comms (always thinking - and Boris was there and he's a veritable feast of quotes, and didnt fail to disappoint!) THen ostensibly I was supposed to be filling in job applications this afternoon - but that went somewhat awry. Hey ho - I can do it tomorrow as its just me and DT in the office with no adult supervision. What could possibly go wrong?

In other news I've seemingly booked the wrong train tickets for mum et al when they come to see Athletics on Saturday - so mum is going to the railway station in Sheffield to see what can be done (I expect literally nothing) and I also booked their hotel for Saturday night in Milton Keynes. Again with me not being there, having made the booking on my credit card - what could possibly go wrong?

The kids are either at the Park tonight or at a ping pong restaurant! I kid you not! Seemingly pizza a bit of table tennis is what passes for entertainment in Earls Court. I imagine it getting quite competitive....I'd just end up with a Hawaiian either on the table or on the floor. Pizza-wise I mean - not someone off of Hawaii. I don't like their shirts.....

Until tomorrow I shall bid you farewell as I await my dinner......

PS - is it just me or do I say 'amazing' and 'what could possibly go wrong?' a lot?