5 May 2012 - Denver I

Hello again dear reader. Sorry for the radio silence but it's been a few full on days in the Mile High city.

Where to begin....

So on arrival at our hotel - the Westin Downtown the helpful receptionist Marea told us that whatever the weather we should always have a coat with us. That turned out to be rubbish advice - we would have been better being told to always have sunscreen with us! We've had a scorchio few days.

After dropping off bags - it was off round the corner from the hotel to the lovely as ever, Cheesecake Factory. Chicken and Avocado club for me. And NO CHEESECAKE - the horror. Still I am hopeful there will be time for cheesecakes at some point.

And for a nightcap we went to the Front Porch. A lovely bar (albeit a bit quiet) where if you have the right name - its drinks on the house. No sign of an Andrew night anywhere darn it.

Then on Saturday it was breakfast at Syrup (am addicted to eggs benedict) and off to the shops for some shoppings. Managed to get some new 501's and shoes from Sketchers (both tres cheap in comparison to either normal shops here in the US or indeed MUCH cheaper than the UK). Hurrah.

After heading back Downtown it was time for Segways - YAY. We found the place (under a bridge with murals on the walls) and moments later Zak, our guide arrived. We were joined shortly thereafter by a couple of 'ladies of a certain age' who immediately started kicking off saying Zak was late (he wasnt) - and they'd also booked their glide in March - us the night before (so much for my excellent itinerary planning). Then after a bit of segway orientation (Darren and I are old hands at this now) we were off on our trip.

We covered a huge amount of ground taking in the sights. We did have to vary our route once due to chino de mayo celebration taking place near the capital building. And we did send families scattering as we glided in to view (past tense of glide? Glid?) Plenty of local knowledge from our guide who recommended Euclid Bar & Kitchen (more on that in another blog instalment).

Post segway tour we retired for half price frappucinos and a discussion about baseball. On the tour we passed the Coors Field and were told there are some really cheap tickets available. So after a few false starts on ticket master we decided to head back to the Westin to gather ourselves.

Our hotel location in Denver is spot on - you can more or less walk to everywhere a tourist would want to go. Including the baseball park. So we hot foot it the dozen blocks back to the park and joy of joys - there were tickets available. We decided to go for the Rooftop Bar. Standing with no allocated seating - but the price includes monies off food and beverages. Double hurrah.

At this point in the day I was sans suncreen, And it was still hot and sunny. Oh dear - there wasn't much shade to speak of, so I did spend some of the time cowering behind poles so as not to fry myself. But by the end of the night I was decidedly pink.

As we were tucking in to comp burger a local started talking to us. And as you know, I don't talk to strangers. The good news was she ratified our own insider gossip on what to do and where to go from Darren's friend Lesley (and her dee jay brother). Was also pleased when she explained the person she was with was her father rather than her boyf as the age gap was alarming!

Baseball does go on quite a long time - but it was good fun - and I almost understood what was going on by the end of it. And best of all - Colorado Rockies won!! The thing I found most odd, was that the locals treat it as a social event - not much sport watching - but plenty of chattering and boozing.

Then it was the short walk back to the hotel. We needed to plot brunch. This may not seem important dear reader, but most days whilst here I've not had three meals a day. Just a decent breakfast and light-ish dinner. The frappucino appear to be keeping me going over the lunch period! Stay tuned for Denver II.